What’s The Beef?

This has been an entertaining year for hip hop.  We have been treated to surprise albums.  We have felt underwhelmed by failed projects.  And, we have definitely been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new releases. Thankfully, we have been able to gorge on Beef served up from all angles. We’re talking subs, snubs, diss tracks and downright disrespectful behaviour. 

Earlier this year, I covered aspects of the surprising Eminem Vs Everybody tirade.  That resulted in the back and forth with Machine Gunn Kelly (MGK) – Vanilla Beef.

In the essence of true sportsmanship, we were blown away by Tory Lanez vs Joyner Lucas – Sporting Beef

There has been a long trail of vocal, lyrical and physical clashes in the Nicki Minaj vs Card B saga – She Beef.

And, the coldest bars of the summer were fired off in Pusha T vs Drake – Mystery Beef.

Although, some of these conflicts have cooled. MGK said he wasn’t going to be able to out rap Eminem.   So, he did not respond to Eminem’s ‘Kill Shot’.  Consequently, After ‘Rap Devil’ he really did not need to.  He’d made his point and their personal differences were dealt with in private. Eminem is still out here trying to prove he’s the best rapper in the world. Made plain by Eminem’s 14 minute freestyle in support of his film ‘Bodied’.

There was no personal tension between Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez.  In fact, the energy between them was so healthy, I wouldn’t be surprised at them recording something together soon.

The Beef

Who do you think won the battle?

Some of these conflicts went a little further than just rap. Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj remains on a rolling boil.  Especially if their fight at New York Fashion week is anything to go by.  While Drake Vs Pusha T resulted in Drake loosing a multimillion dollar deal with Adidas.  Plus, the revelation of a secret child.  I will cover both of these cases in more detail in a follow up article.

Both Drake and Eminem claimed to have written career ending diss tracks this summer.  However, both artists shelved them.  In the case of Drake, it was partly due to the influence of his manager and Hip-Hop OG, J. Prince.

As a result, Both Drake and Eminem have revealed candidly to changing their minds for other reasons. Neither of them liked the version of themselves they portrayed in the records.  Nor did they want to make their opponents bigger by drawing attention to them.


Previously, Eminem has based a large part of his career trolling, agitating and dissing people.   So, I never thought I would hear him pull out the following…

“..I wrote a career ending diss track, which I recorded, but didn’t want to put out blah blah blah”.


Come back next week for, What’s Beef? Part 2- The Breakdown

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