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Victoria Moralez Set For Release Of ‘Eyes Off The Prize’

Victoria Moralez is one of the freshest pop artists to grace our ears in recent times. She has a sound which many will relish, and she shines radiantly here on ‘Eyes Off The Prize’.

Taking influence from the pop legends which have come before, Victoria manages to delve into a new realm of this genre. She boasts a likeability which is hard not to grip too and her melody lines cement themselves deeply.

It all kicks off with a vibe which reminds me of 90s dance music. But the aura changes rapidly with Victoria taking a contemporary style with her singing technique igniting the flame. Vocally, she hits all the right notes, and she hits the sweet spot effortlessly with each word articulating well.

The track builds as it progresses and before we know it, all the guns are blazing, and the record becomes an anthemic masterpiece with the feel-good dripping out like a leaking bottle.

‘Eyes Off The Prize’ is released this Friday.

Colby Morrel

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