Victoria Beckham Still Not Keen On Spice Girls Tour

According to Mel C, the Spice Girls are still trying to convince Victoria Beckham to join them on tour, but she has yet surrendered to the idea.

Speaking recently, Mel said “We are chipping away. But we like to think she will join us at some point.”

“We talk about [Victoria joining the tour] all the time. We’re always going, ‘Oh, one day, maybe she will one day’. “[I will do] everything I can within my power to try and get all of us back on stage together.

“We were kind of hoping she’d end up coming on the last one. Of course, we respect Victoria’s decision, and her feeling towards it. Although she wasn’t with us on the stage, she was very much involved in the show. We wanted her to be happy and comfortable with all of the direction, with the creative and everything, because it’s her baby as much as the rest of us.”

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George Millington