Ty Segall, ‘Class War’ – Single Review

The prolific American garage rocker put out ‘Class War’, a cover of the 70’s punk band The Dils, as the second single of his next album, Fudge Sandwich, which will be his fourth only in 2018.

The new album will also feature versions of tracks originally by The Grateful Dead, John Lennon and Neil Young, among others.

Segall’s cover by The Dils sounds nothing like the original song, with the multi-instrumentalist bringing it down with a strummed acoustic guitar, far from the rapid and hectic approach in the 70’s track.

The song, however, kicks off by the end, with a long guitar solo that must be quite an experience to see played live.

The Dils, which were once dubbed as Californía’s The Clash, have approved the Segall’s cover, saying that they love it.

‘Class War’ follows first single ‘I’m a Man’, the cover released last month, this time originally by Steve Winwood’s The Spencer Davis Group. The band, active in the 60’s and 70’s, was formed in Birmingham in the early sixties.

Fudge Sandwich will be in the stores in October 26th via In The Red. The album follows Segall’s latest studio work Joy, an album for which he joined forces with White Fence’s Tim Presley.

Segall has just also released this year Freedom’s Goblin, proving every year his versatility and endless capability for writing and recording albums with stunning results.

With only 31 years old, Ty Segall has released eleven studio albums under his own name, but he is well known for collaborating with many other artists and friends such as Fuzz.

The American will tour the US later this year with his acoustic guitar as sole companion, playing in California, Seattle, Minnesota, New York and Texas, among others.

Follow Ty Segall here although he is yet to publish his first tweet.

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