The Southern Gothic, 'Talking In My Sleep' – New Music


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The Southern Gothic, ‘Talking In My Sleep’ – New Music

The Southern Gothic
Photo Credit: The Southern Gothic
Words: | November 24, 2022
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The Southern Gothic, often known as SoGo’s, are back and stronger than ever with their latest single, ‘Talking In My Sleep’. You don’t want to miss this!

The band dominates the scene with a contagious style, pinning us to the edge of the speakers with a crunchy country-rock aesthetic. The band’s frontman, Connor Christian, stops at nothing in his pursuit of quenching our thirst. His voice soars across the airways with vigour, harmonising perfectly with powerful percussion strikes, all-encompassing guitar tones, and Americana-fused elements.

Although it may feel like we are far from Nashville, with the help of this gift from The Southern Gothic, we can almost smell and breathe in the city’s atmosphere.

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Colby Morrel

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