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The Prodigy, ‘Light up’ – Single Review

Nearly 30 years in and The Prodigy are one of the biggest groups to come out of the UK. Now they are back with the blistering track “Light Up The Sky’. The second single, from the upcoming album ‘No Tourists’ (due November 2nd). It follows on the heels of the first single ‘Need Some1’, released in July.

As a band that have never been afraid to evolve, it’s a nice surprise that they have dug back into to their more rave-influenced music. This record comes across like it was designed for festivals and large venues.You will need to strap yourself in for this one. It’s a banger that takes you on a cinematic rollercoaster ride, that twists, dips and uplifts.

It starts out feeling like you’ve just stumbled upon people, about to have a spaghetti western style shootout. The suspense is intensified by the refrain

“Light up the sky illuminate, here comes the thoughts we instigate”.

When the beat drops you can almost feel the sweating, swirling throngs of people, as a chaotic sea of limbs erupts. Maxim, who sounds in fine form, is the ring master, whipping the crowd into greater and greater levels of frenzy following on as usual, finding his rhythm and making it stick.  

Then, like the all the great songwriters do, take take us for a brief reprieve, before launching in again at maximum velocity.

The Prodigy sound so visceral and alive, no one does what they do. I’m really looking forward to the new album and hopefully catching them on tour:

2 Nov— SEC Hall 4, Glasgow

3 Nov — Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, Nottingham

5 Nov — Brighton Centre, Brighton

6 Nov — Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth

8 Nov — Echo Arena, Liverpool

9 Nov — Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, Cardiff

10 Nov — Arena Birmingham, Birmingham

13 Nov — First Direct Arena, Leeds, UK

14 Nov — Alexandra Palace, London

15 Nov — Alexandra Palace, London

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