Spotify Playlist Week 7 - Thank GSGM Its New Music Friday


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Week 7 – Thank GSGM Its New Music Friday

Spotify, as we know it, is the world’s biggest streaming platform for all age groups. User growth on the Spotify platform is increasing weekly and our responsibility is to find the freshest new tracks to include in our official playlist. GSGM have a specialist team (lucky bunch of chaps) who occupy their days listening to the world’s finest new releases. They use their fine musical ear to discover the best songs preventing you from having to do so.

‘Thank GSGM It’s New Music Friday’ came about after a team meeting in mid 2018. Since its birth, it has become one of the most exciting go to places for music fans globally. As a company, we like to keep that status therefore we work hard each week to create as diverse a playlist as possible.

Our team keep an open mind whilst selecting tracks. For this reason, we ensure each week’s playlist produces variety. Therefore, you can expect to find a combination of distinctive artists ranging from Hip-Hop to Indie Rock.

At GSGM, we like to get the weekend started early. Therefore we bring that ‘Feel Good’ vibe on a Friday. This playlist is suitable for any occasion. If you need a playlist to listen to on a long commute or even a playlist to get you through that mundane work week, we have the answer.

Therefore, be sure to follow the playlist on Spotify to be kept up to date with all the latest music trends. If you would like to offer any suggestions to this playlist, we recommend that you contact us using the official contact form here. One of our team will take a listen to your recommendation.

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