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We provide all the latest music news from the music industry. In addition to music news, we review all the best new music from around the world. Similarly, we attend gigs and carry out exclusive interviews in central London. GSGM receives thousands of user visiting regularly therefore we would hate for you to miss out on the opportunity of reaching this large audience.

Moreover, by becoming a GSGM advertiser you will benefit from having your advertisement shown on the homepage. Furthermore, your ad will come visible to every new or returning visitor which lands on the GSGM homepage. In addition to this, you will get your ad placed inside every single article which gets published on GSGM.

Overall Benefits Of Sponsorships On GSGM:

• Homepage top banner advertisement seen by thousands of potential customers.
• In article advert with a potential reach of over 150000 people.
• Ad inclusion on at least 100 commercial articles per month.
• Our in house graphic designer creates all the ads eliminating the need for you to source all the material.

If you are interested in sponsorships on GSGM, then please contact our marketing team using the form below who will be able to provide more information via email. We have some very competitive rates available and we would be happy to work with you to get the most out of your sponsorship. We also have an in house graphic designer who will work with you to create the best stand out advertisements.

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