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Sir Elton John Explains Why He Is Helping Young Artists

Words: | October 28, 2021
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Sir Elton John is one of the world’s most well-known musicians, and it’s challenging to find someone who hasn’t heard of him. But why is this the case? Many people, including Elton, believe it’s because of the power to tour freely without being restricted. As a result, he wants more emerging musicians to have the same opportunities he did when he first began his musical career.

Speaking recently, Elton said: “I’m trying with all my best, to try and get the Government to change the rules because at the moment. If you are a young artist and your British, you can’t financially afford to go to Europe. There’s so much rigmarole and red tape. It’s okay for and Ed Sheeran’s of the world, we have a huge conglomerate you know operation behind us.”

“But for young artists and it’s really desperate because if you are a young artist you have to play live and playing live makes you grow as an artist. You write better songs, you go to different cultures. You soak in the cultures, and it’s really the biggest bee in my bonnet at the moment. You know I have to concentrate, now I’m back from holiday I have to really get my butt in shape and hopefully get a resolution in some respect or get some progress done.”

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