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Sigrid, ‘Sucker Punch’ – Album Review

‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ catapulted Sigrid into the pop stratosphere back in early 2017. Since then she’s done nothing but dominate the music industry with continous amazing releases, like the massive bop ‘Strangers’ that saw her hit the UK Top 10. And as if that wasn’t enough, she came out with the title of BBC’s Sound of 2018, with past winners including Sam Smith, HAIM and Ellie Goulding. It’s taken 2 EPs, a hell of a lot of tours and festivals and a few other releases to get to Sucker Punch, at long last. Does 22 year old Sigrid Raabie’s first release live up to the hype?

Sucker Punch is an LP that comes as no surprise, it’s a supremely enjoyable pop album. No crossover, no complications, just solid pop through and through . However it’s got a bit of edge and a bit of attitude within it. These tracks aren’t about enjoying the status quo of the world and of life. It’s about finding your place in the world, enjoying the pleasures where you can find them and traversing love as an early twenties human being. And as one of those myself, I can tell you that it’s well hard.

Sigrid’s Banging Debut

One of the album’s standouts is ‘Mine Right Now’, a touching  if not fleeting love ballad. It paints a vivid image of a momentary and monumental feeling of love that must come to an end. It’s one of the catchiest, it could make a great choice for a post-album single. ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’ is right up there with ‘Strangers’ as one of her best tracks to date. It’s completely and utterly Sigrid, larger than life positive pop that you find a piece of yourself in. Banging.  And of course we all know ‘Strangers’ by now, the standout track of the album and Sigrid’s discography. The massive pop hit really shows her at her absolute best. It’s a song of huge life that is really playful and youthful, it’s probably one of the best, and underrated, pop songs of the decade.
‘Basic’ is a good bubblegum pop hit. It’s nothing serious, nothing too heavy, but a real pleasure to listen to. ‘In Vain’ is pretty great as well. Sigrid slows things down a little and opens up about a damaging relationship, but one you’re just a little addicted to. The title track itself is one of the better tracks on the album. It’s got a flair and attitude most pop debuts lack.
‘Business Dinners’ fits alongside ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ with both serving as a portrayal of being a young woman in music, with misogynistic industry buffs constantly believing they know better. Sigrid’s track record really, really proves them wrong. ‘Sight of You’ is also a bit of a meta music industry track. An enjoyable, but the most forgettable, bop on the album in which she muses about her excitement and butterflies from seeing her fans wait to see her perform.

The world’s in love with Sigrid

Sucker Punch is effortlessly relatable and incredibly real. She’s got a real knack for creating dynamic and realistic images, it almost feels like I’m hearing myself experience these moments of brief love, whilst she crafts them out of uncomplicated lyrics. It’s no wonder that we’re all falling head over heels for Sigrid and her signature brand of relatable music, high-waist jeans and Nike Cortezs. As a result we’re seeing her conquer online and head towards a Number 1 Album.
It’s a shame the album is missing a few hits, ‘Raw’ and ‘Fake Friends’ from older EP releases would have fit in fantastically. The same goes for live favourites like ‘Go To War’ and ‘Savage in my Blood’, hopefully they’ll pop up elsewhere. In truth, the album could punch a little harder. The standouts are obvious, and there’s a couple that get a bit lost within the larger tracks. And as far as criticism goes, that’s pretty light. Overall, Sucker Punch is a stellar pop release.
Sucker Punch really is a strong debut from an extremely hardworking and talented performer with a bright future ahead. Groundbreaking Sucker Punch isn’t. I didn’t come to Sigrid to redefine the pop genre, however she sure as hell perfected it.
Sigrid will be touring the UK once again later this year. Find out more.
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