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She Makes War, ‘Undone’ and ‘London Bites’ – Single Review

As we transition from the end of festival season to the start of winter we are blessed by the peak time for new music releases. The changing seasons also corresponds to a change in atmosphere among the music world. Gone are the upbeat summer anthems, or the laid back, hazy melodies that compliment the warm weather, replaced by the darker, more heavy-hitting tracks that capture the grit of winter. In amongst the flood of releases have been two brand new singles from Laura Kidd’s no-nonsense project, ‘She Makes War’.

The first new track, ‘Undone’, carries a dark, haunting quality reminiscent of Nirvana. The verses emit an ominous swell, with Laura’s gloomy vocals at the forefront. The dynamics of these sections draw you right in to her voice. You can imagine her on stage with her head down, slumped against a mic stand, channeling her inner self. Yet, these intimate temptations are just the appetiser, teasing the listener by luring you into a false sense of security before erupting into the chorus. With fist-pumping riffs and angst-filled, pounding drums, the track is brought to life in electric style. Laura’s multi-tracked vocals also create a united feel, as though there is the voice of a society behind it.

The new tracks have been released in anticipation of the upcoming new album ‘Brace For Impact’. The album is a voyage of self-discovery inspired by Laura’s time spent touring and contemplating the various intricacies of her life. The album titled, she explains, was an easy choice:

“I’d come up with the album title while driving on tour, daydreaming about what it must be like to be in a high-speed car crash… After struggling through the summer with that phrase in my mind, then finding it written in the venue toilets at the end of a tour in Brighton, it just had to be the album title. It couldn’t have been more apt.”

The more recent single, ‘London Bites’ continues the theme of inescapable aggression. The constant pounding is infectious and is as good of an indication as any that this new album is not going to be a passive experience by any means. It is one that is going to grab you by the collar and show you some of the best music Bristol has to offer. Brace for impact…this is going to be fierce!

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