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San Holo brings ‘album1’ to Hangar Fields, London

Fresh off the back of his self-released debut ‘album1’, Dutch music producer San Holo brought his eclectic future bass sounds to Hangar Fields at the beginning of March.

Seen as a luminary for his music genre, his UK appearances have marked a huge achievement for Holo and bitbird’s Duskus and Taska Black.

Holo released his debut back in September 2018. It came after countless single releases, an EP, and a shed load of remixes too. The 12-track album became a collection of heartwarming, bittersweet tunes that tug at your heartstrings. With tracks such as ‘worthy’ and ‘brighter days’ transporting you into dimensions that make you reminiscent of old lovers.

Holo’s performances in the UK saw the producers first opportunity to showcase his talent as an electronic dance producer. San Holo has been adapting his live show to incorporate more guitar playing leading up to the release of ‘album1’. The new live tour performance bases solely around his guitar. There was a conscious change for each track in the set through the import of live guitar. Making it a big leap from just performing as DJ. Bitbird’s lead man, now sets example for the rest of his creatives at the label.

Through demonstrating his talent for production with live automating effects that interacts with his guitar. The progression of his live performance was made evident on the night. The debut of 2015 track, ‘Victory’ was only bettered by the his new live inclusion of guitar. The tracks staple cutting in/out effect creates the rhythm whilst the accompany of guitar shapes the riff further. Not only was it an achievement to sell out the venue on the whole. But also a landmark to even carry out the initial live logistics.

San Holo Hanger Fields

Everyone at Hanger Fields that night were there for two reasons. Firstly, of course, to see San Holo. And secondly, to appreciate everything that his music is doing for the shape of EDM. Unlike your typical concerts at the O2, the community feeling of the crowd was distinctive. It’s easy to suggest that for many in that crowd, they have seen San Holo grow. From the days of ‘Dont Touch The Classics’ remixes in his early Soundcloud days, right forward to the present day of  ‘album1’. Music geeks to budding new music producers alike, the anticipation and appreciation on the night was something simply distinctive, and almost euphoric.

San Holo’s ability to move his audience is something equally unique. His mix of electronic production with indie-folk stringing is gripping, modern, and sensational. It is clear that music is everything to him, and that sharing this feeling with his fans is intentional. His latest single, ‘lead me back’ – which was released just days before his UK tour dates – is an eye-opening look into just that. It continues the nostalgic journey of love with a sense hope. Something that is easily relatable by many. Combining performances of this on the night with other ‘album1’ highlights, ‘forever free’ and ‘vestal avenue’ not only exhibits his experimental prowess, but his ability to connect instantly with his fans.

The future bass genre is all about emotion. Holo’s downtempo, but lively chords are able to create an atmosphere that simply tell the tale of what it’s all about.

It was simply impossible to stop smiling throughout the entire set. Not only through the sound of Holo’s music, but by seeing just how much it meant to him. It emphatic that Holo’s effort to keep true to himself is the statement of ‘album1’ as well as its tour. By simply bringing it all together in the UK has demonstrated his progression and maturity as an artist. There is so much excitement surrounding San Holo and the bitbird label. As a collective, they have built themselves up to some of the most upcoming, experimental artists in EDM to date. But what is impressive is the passion that they channel. Which for those who were lucky to attend on the 2nd March, will continue to inspire for months to come.

You can listen to San Holo’s music across all streaming platforms including Spotify.

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