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Sam Fender Turns Down Collab With Sir Elton John

Words: | November 8, 2021
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It’s not every day that a musician does not take advantage of the chance to collaborate with Sir Elton John. But, in the case of Sam Fender, who was ‘too busy’ to make history with the decade-long hitmaker, that was the case.

Sam Fender, who has been hard at work on his new record, recently stated: “Elton is now actually a friend, so I’ve been hanging out with him and learning some of his tricks. He’s a legend. We were going to do something for his ‘Lockdown Sessions’ album but I needed to stay focused on what I was finishing. We didn’t want to rush it or f*** it up, so I hope we can return to it down the line or drop it in later.

George Millington

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