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S Club 7 Are Set To Return But Will It Be Tragic?

S Club 7 are currently in talks to reunite the group, and they are also planning to release new music, the first time in 20 years.

But, is it going to be worth it? Let’s face it, countless pop groups from the 90s have come back to keep their finances balancing, but it never is the same is it? Significantly for groups where the music is so similar to the decade in which they rose to stardom. Also, can you imagine an S Club 7 track competing with The Weeknd in the charts? It is a long way off for me, but then again, who knows?

Lastly, if they head out on the road which is almost likely to happen, who will be attending the shows, fans from their hey-day? If so, there is something about singing ‘Reach For The Stars‘ with a bunch of now-bearded late twenties men, which seems a little iffy to me.

George Millington

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