Rita Ora, ‘Phoenix’ – Album Review

It has been six long years but Rita Ora is finally back with some new tunes to accompany her brand new album, Phoenix. On it features already released music like ‘Let You Love Me’ to never before heard songs such as ‘Cashmere’, ‘Soul Survivor’ and ‘Falling To Pieces’ which is as stripped back as the artwork for her album.

There’s a complimentary mixture of latin saxophone, piano, choir singers and head bopping beats. She’s done very well to separate her music from what we are used to hearing this year whilst keeping in the loop by making half of the album ironically what we have heard already. We also hear quite a few acapella intros which is something I could get used to hearing before the beat drops.

If you were to summarise the emotion of the album, it would echo chilled R&B with the teeniest hint of slow rock. This is a collection of music you want to play when you need a day to yourself to just chill and breathe before gathering your thoughts for the day.

The artwork for Rita’s album is brilliant. Printed, it is simple Rita lying stomach down and bare in a pink room- the picture cuts at her shoulders, and she is framed by a simple square box. She stares down the lens whilst her faces tells us she is at one with herself. If you were to listen to the album online, through YouTube or Spotify, the artwork animates itself and simply features miss Ora blinking slowly. When I first saw this, I thought I was going a little crazy because I wasn’t watching all the time so thought the image had been swapped.

It is indeed a positive sign for the music ahead of us going into 2019 and here’s hoping the music videos for the rest of the album (hint hint Rita!) are as awesome as the music she has produced.

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