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Review: Sigrid’s Amazing Run At Manchester’s Albert Hall

Sigrid is no stranger to Manchester, she’s been here time and time again, for festivals and for her own shows alike, and everytime she sells out, brings a huge crowd and ensures that everyone has a damn good time dancing to some of the finest pop music around.

This week, as part of her almost-entirely, sold out UK tour, Sigrid stopped for two packed nights at Manchester’s Albert Hall, a small venue oft overlooked by many mainstream artists, despite being such a magical place, a two-tier room lit up by ornate stained glass windows- not your everyday venue.

After a banging support set from Oli Fox, Sigrid came out full of energy to her latest single ‘Sucker Punch’, accompanied by her four-piece band and seized all of the attention in the room. For such a tiny person, she has such a stage presence. Every eye was on her, including a fair few children who seemed completely enamoured with her every move, a couple of handmade ‘SIGRID’ signs popped up every now and then.

All you really need to know about her can be found in a tweet from her first night at the Albert Hall, she finished her set, fully ended the show, but heard a track she likes playing over the speakers and came back out to sing and dance around with her fans. Sigrid is a talented bundle of positive vibes and great energy that keeps her listeners coming back for more.

Sigrid has produced many massive pop bangers, she brought it, she fully brought it all to the stage. A mix of tracks from her debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe, a massive success in the UK and more recent releases, as well as many tracks from her upcoming album, rumoured to be arriving early next year. From the unreleased tracks, ‘Go To War’ was the standout, a loud and powerful pop hit we’ll hopefully see topping the charts soon.

The show finished with ‘Strangers’, not only her most famous song but easily her most critically acclaimed. Everyone loved it, Sigrid seemed to be having the best time and I know full well that I did. For someone who doesn’t even have their first album out, Sigrid has managed to craft a hell of a show, even when the audience only knows about half of the content.

Sigrid is continuing with her UK tour and will be returning to Dublin next year for her largest Ireland show to date.

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