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Ned Dylan, ‘Life’s a Rave’ – Single Review

The official music video for ‘Life’s a Rave’ – the first single from 17-year-old Ned Dylan’s debut album has just dropped. Produced by Wizard (M.I.A./Wiley/Chemical Brothers/Chase & Status/Alabama 3), Gordon Raphael (the Strokes/Regina Spektor/Alabama 3) and Mike Freear (Slamboree), ‘Life’s a Rave’ has a lot to live up to? Does it?

Starting with the video, it’s a rather simple affair but still manages to give you a high budget feel. After all, nothing has to be the standards of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’- and myself holding that as a stellar music video really shows where I’m at as a person. It’s flashy, it’s sort of what you would ideally choose as a 17-year-old, which makes it perfect for Ned Dylan. It doesn’t detract from the song at all, it compliments it quite nicely, so it’s overall a bit of a success.

‘Life’s a Rave’ feels like more of a slam poem than a song at times, not like the 22 Jump Street slam poetry scene, but like a legitimate, artistic take on the modern world and our overreliance on various forms of media. If you’re reading this article on a website about another form of media, maybe you too have an overreliance on media too, huh? It’s very impressive considering Dylan is so young and so early into his career, you can find the content I produced at 17 on the internet and it’s definitely put to shame by this.

The choruses are very strong, they have a little bit of a euro pop feel and sort of a bit Eurovision-y, and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s a high energy track with a purpose, focus and a standpoint. That’s the golden combo for a winner in Eurovision, not nil points for you Ned Dylan. It’s a very catchy tune once you get into it, sadly the introduction doesn’t sell you on the song immediately, in fact, it’s one of the weaker parts of the song, but it’s better to peak later than to peak earlier. The track builds and builds from the beginning, the vocals and the backing grow and truly improve throughout, making it a bit of a surprise how much you end up liking it.

Yes, maybe the commentary on how much we use our phones and enjoy social media is getting a bit stale, especially now we live in a world where many of us find ourselves in careers and livelihoods crafted by these things an absurd our media via new channels rather than the traditional, but it never hurts to have a bit of a technology detox does it?

Ned Dylan is an artist that has me excited for what’s next, but for now, you can watch the video for ‘Life’s a Rave’ below.

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