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Maggie Roger, ‘Give A Little’ – Single Review

From being ‘discovered’ by Pharell with her viral hit ‘Alaska’ to the massive hit ‘On and Off Again’, Maggie Rogers is no stranger to producing tracks with new and interesting sounds. Her latest track, ‘Give A Little’, is no exception to the rule. It kicks off with a blend of folk strings and synth beats before Roger’s distinctive vocals are overlayed.

Rogers is an artist with an ear for the unique, the bizarre and things that shouldn’t work but do. The backing overshadowed the vocals on my first listened, but as the track progressed I found myself completely hooked and on board with it. It’s like she knows what your reaction will be and runs with it until it’s on its way to becoming a masterpiece. Rogers isn’t afraid to experiment with her sound, she’s incredibly talented and she’s hard evidence that the unexpected can be what you’re actually looking for.

‘Give A Little’ was the last track penned for her upcoming record, she says that she finds that these ‘eleventh-hour’ tracks have their own bit of special magic. On her Instagram, Rogers talks about how she wrote the track on the day of the US national school walk out for gun control. This was an inspiring moment for millions across America and the world, after a rather horrific few months/years, there’s nothing more powerful than seeing young people collectively come together in hopes of changing the world.

It’s refreshing to hear an indie-pop track simply focused on the concept of empathy, nothing is dressed up or hidden behind layers of imagery and metaphors, Roger’s says what she means. As Rogers said on Instagram, ‘In the midst of all this fear and hate, what if we got the chance to re-introduce ourselves? What if someone listened?’

There’s power in our words, her words, America’s youth and in people worldwide. What if we harnessed that power to good? In less than 4 minutes, Rogers has crafted a war cry of kindness – and a damn good song at that.

Maggie Rogers will be heading out on a US tour this Autumn.


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