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Reignwolf, ‘Wanna Don’t Wanna’ – Single Review

If you ever heard about him back in 2014, when Rolling Stone Magazine declared him to be one of the “10 New Artists You Need To Know”, but could never really follow his track, don’t worry, Reignwolf is back, new and improved with a stunner of a new track.

Jordan Cook released new track ‘Wanna Don’t Wanna’ ahead of a long US tour this autumn, giving fans another piece of bluesy rock that everyone hopes this time will turn into an album.

The two and a half- minutes long new song goes on for no more than thirty seconds before exploding into a desperate and loud chorus, bringing back the very best of what people absolutely loved about Reignwolf a few years ago.

Back in 2013, ‘Are You Satisfied’ appeared to be the song that would open up the world for the Canadian, but somehow the rocker sort of disappeared from radios and playlists alike even after a tour opening for Black Sabbath in 2014.

After becoming one of the best new things to come, Cook then never released the album or even an EP that many were waiting for. The only thing fans could have a taste of was ‘Hardcore’, a track that was released a couple of years ago.

Everyone that hasn’t done it yet should watch the brilliant performance at Music Midtown festival in Atlanta, were, under heavy rain, a soaking wet Cook delivers an astonishing four minute-long lesson in blues-rock.

However, Cook – who was first known for this one-man-band concept – is back with a new track, and appears to have gone back to the trio format that worked so well in the past.

Hopefully this is just a new beginning, and it will all turn into his long-awaited debut album. In the meantime, just put your player on repeat.


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