Promote Your Event, Product Or Service – 7 Days Free

Are you looking to promote your event, product or service to a large audience?

We can help you achieve maximum exposure with a fraction of the price generally paid for traditional ads.

Promote Your Event
Promote Your Event, Product Or Service

So how much is it?

You will get 7 days advertising for FREE followers by a service fee of just £60 for the next 23 days of advertising.

What will you receive?

• A dedicated account manager who will look after your ad placement. Also they will make sure that you are getting maximum exposure and results.

• Ad placement on the top section of our homepage.

• Ad placement in every single post published on GSGM. A minimum of 2 posts are published every single day on GSGM.

• Ad placement in various other locations on the website.

• Ad placement on our mailing list.

• Reach of over 50k organic users daily.

• Detailed reports sent every 30 days.

Promote Your Event, Product Or Service

So why are we just charging £60 per 30 day when the standard price is far greater than this?

The reason we are only charging £60 per 30 days for advertising is because we want to bring as much value and return on investment to our advertisers. The reason we started GSGM was to deliver the best music news and to give as much value as we can. Therefore, the payment covers our graphic designers time and also ensures that our account managers can bring the best possible results.

Overall, promoting directly on GSGM brings benefits which you will not get from using social media and search engine ads. We make our ads look authentic and attractive for maximum return. Also recent statistics are showing that less people are clicking on social media and search engine ads and are generally responding more to authentic ad placements.

If you are interested in promoting on GSGM then you have made a great decision.

Be sure to contact our promotions team at to get the ball rolling.