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Pop Wallace, ‘Noises Made Figuring Things Out,’ – New Music

Pop Wallace
Photo Credit: Pop Wallace
Words: | September 21, 2021
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Pop Wallace is back with his new EP ‘Noises Made Figuring Things Out,’ and he’s stronger than ever. It’s an EP that raises endorphin levels, and as it progresses, it’s impossible not to feel carefree.

This new compilation, which includes six electronic and trip-hop fusion jewels, is immediately appealing. ‘Resume,’ which opens the EP, has a feel-good rhythm and is dripping with dreamlike synths.

‘Serial Experience’ is a fascinating enchantment that is upfront and straightforward. With its ethereal texture, it creates a road to serenity.
Pop Wallace dives deep into this toolkit, emerging with a slew of sounds, including synth, piano hooks, and an acoustic guitar that gives the track a little extra oomph.

The other tracks are equally enthralling as the first three, and ‘Cold Summer’ concludes the EP. The serene aura on this one perfectly sums up summer 2021.

Overall, ‘Noises Made Figuring Things Out’ by Pop Wallace is ear candy for anyone who enjoys the best electronic sounds combined with hip-hop beats.

Check it out below.

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