Meet The Team

James Dyble

James Dyble | Managing Director

James Dyble is the managing director of Global Sound Group which is the parent company of GSGM.

Lauryn Hall | Journalist

Music Journalist including news and reviews. Lauryn is a passionate Hip Hop fan and an avid collector of vinyl records.

George Millington | Journalist

George Millington is a central London based music news and music review writer. He does not stick to just one genre but generally writes about the commercial music industry.

Dana Miller | Journalist

Dana Miller spends her time reviewing some of the worlds greatest concerts. Dana works closely with some of the worlds major record labels and contacts and has an interest in all genres within the music industry.

David Thomas | Journalist

Apart from working as a music journalist, David works in communications within the charity sector. He's a big fan of everything travel, coffee and dogs and a complete expert on everything Bastille and Lorde.

Sam Campbell | Journalist

Sam has contributed to GSGM since October 2018. He enjoys a wide array of music - especially Midwest/revival emo, indie and alternative rock. As well being a musician, a regular gig-goer and a collector of vinyl, he is also passionate about football, American football, history and literature.

Emily Harris | Journalist

Emily is an English language graduate who started writing for GSGM in 2020. She has a huge passion for the commercial chart and regularly attends shows in London and Manchester.