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Oh Wonder Announces break up…and reform in ‘Happy’

The dream pop duo Oh Wonder return with more hits.

Oh Wonder’s ‘Happy’ feels like an absolute personal attack on the majority of us. Society has been forced into this refresh. This new phase that we collectively enter unwillingly on January 1st each year, and this time we have to carry the weight of an entirely new decade on our shoulders. When better to lose yourself in your proudest and not-so-proudest moments of the last year? And the nine that preceded? No pressure at all.

Dropping earlier this month, Oh Wonder’s ‘Happy’ follows Anthony West discovering pure joy on the wedding day of his ex-girlfriend. He’s watching a life that could have been his own through an entirely different lens and realizing that there’s nowhere else he’d rather be right now than creating music with his partner both musically and romantically, Josephine Van Der Gucht.’Happy’ marks quite the contrast to the earlier released ‘I Wish I Never Met You’. That track saw Josephine take shots at former lovers who cheated. As Josephine stated on Instagram, Anthony’s story feels more mature than petty, but we love a bit of pettiness and we’re all still angry at that one ex-flame who did us wrong many years ago and we’ll never let go of those feelings, so we’ll sit here and listen to music crafted by someone who truly has done.

An introspective pop journey through the highs and lows of ‘getting over’ someone, dropping at the most reflective time of year.

And it’s seen support by a massive social campaign, seeing Oh Wonder accounts re brand to reflect Anthony and Josephine’s hypothetical solo ventures upon the break up of Oh Wonder after disagreements over their upcoming third album No One Else Can Wear Your Crown. The video follows the duo’s solo careers, featuring satanic rituals, memories of shared Jameson, the death of a recording agent and a couple of lookalikes all culminating in a care home reunion show from an elderly Oh Wonder.

Overall, ‘Happy’ seems set to be the central track for Oh Wonder’s current era. A beautiful introspective track sang through filters of love, loss, recuperation, and reflection.

Closure, a rare Anthony West solo, and a punchy chorus. We’re lucky enough to be witnessing Oh Wonder at their highest.

Oh Wonder embark on a UK tour this March:

03 March – Glasgow
04 March – Manchester
06 March – Bristol
07 March – Birmingham
09 March – London

Tickets are still available.

Lastly, follow Oh Wonder on Twitter.

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