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No Serial Killer Share New Track ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’

No Serial Killer captivate with their new release ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’. It is a track which follows a Rock and Roll structure with an edge which drags you in and does not let go.

The brains behind this exciting project is Mr A.K.M. He hails from Nottingham in the U.K, and he brings a quality which we do not hear all too often in the music industry. The track provides plenty of likeability with its infectious and humorous vibe. It boasts bold guitar leads, harrowing piano riffs and a beat which could get your granny tapping her foot.

‘We’re All Going 2 Die’ comes stacked full of flavours. It takes influence from some of the Rock and Roll greats of yesteryear but also finds power from general life, video games and TV. Moreover, it stands out in its own distinctive light, and it cuts through all the other industry noise. As a result, it will be hard to find anything else quite like this one.

So, fancy delving into the world of No Serial Killer? Look no further than their new track ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’.


George Millington

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