Nicky Wire Would Rather Stab His Eyes Out Than Accept This...


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Nicky Wire Would Rather Stab His Eyes Out Than Accept This…

Words: | July 23, 2021
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Nicky Wire, the bassist for Manic Street Preachers, has spoken openly about accepting a knighthood or OBE.

The legendary Welsh rocker, said “I’m so riddled with doubts and contradictions now, even though I still kept to those principles. My kids have been through comprehensive education, I still believe in high taxation and all those kind of things, I stay close to my roots … I haven’t abandoned any of those things at all. But I don’t know if they’re relevant to modern life.”

“You see supposedly left-leaning actors and pop star queuing up to get MBEs and OBEs – and I’d rather f* stab my eyes out with a pencil than do that. What was it, Weller and David Bowie turned down knighthoods? That’s good enough for me.”

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