Natalia Damini x Tito Jackson, 'Attitude' – New Music


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Natalia Damini x Tito Jackson, ‘Attitude’ – New Music

Natalia Damini And Tito Jackson.
Photo Credit: Natalia Damini And Tito Jackson.
Words: | March 29, 2023
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We just can’t get enough of the new single by Natalia Damini, who is quickly emerging as a pop starlet and also Tito Jackson, the Jackson 5 legend. Their newest offering, ‘Attitude’, is the kind of song that burrows itself deep into the heart, and the earworm quality of the music is something that we will not soon forget!

‘Attitude’, with its groovy texture, fires feel-good directly at us, and we are unable to resist moving our hips to the addictive guitar arrangement. Both of the singers bring their A game to the performance. Natalia immediately reveals her high class, blending flawlessly with Tito Jackson’s bluesy vocal textures.

It won’t be a surprise to hear this reverberating out of dancehalls all around the country as we move towards the summer months.

You can check it out below.

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Colby Morrel

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