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Music Reviews

Music reviews are our speciality here at GSGM.

Our mission is to provide honest reviews, and we do just that while backing up critical points with authenticity.

We have decades of experience reviewing new releases. We use our knowledge of the industry, artists, and personal opinions to create reviews that are not available elsewhere. Luckily for music consumers, new reviews become available every day. Therefore, finding fresh insights and feedback on the hottest tracks has never been easier.

Since the birth of GSGM, there has not been a day without a new track going to our team’s expert ear. Also, we have proven to be consistent with our methods providing the music community with a wide range of reviews from many genres and styles.

Furthermore, we do not endorse one genre over another. But, we generally concentrate on the commercial market, with many reviews being of artists in top chart positions. Nevertheless, we do not exclude new artists and artists who are rising up the echelon. Therefore we allow many artists to shine.

So who pens the reviews we issue on GSGM? We have a specialist review team who have built a wealth of knowledge working within the music industry. Each writer has a distinct style which gives every review we publish a unique edge.

Pop Music Reviews

We are a world-leading publication for the latest and finest pop music reviews. As a result, we invariably aim to be the first to the party when it comes to reviewing the latest hits. Therefore, whatever is flying up the charts is bound to be soaring up our music review sections, with our ears being finely in sync with the hottest pop trends.

Latest Pop Music Reviews

Simple Plan, ‘Congratulations’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

Emily HarrisMarch 21, 2022
Simple Plan, ‘Congratulations’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

‘Congratulations’ by Simple Plan – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ Simple Plan, the Canadian pop-punk maestros, are back doing what they do best, churning out good old 2000s nostalgia with their newest single, ‘Congratulations’. The new song is off the band’s upcoming album, ‘Harder…

James Arthur, ‘Losing You’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

Emily HarrisMarch 17, 2022
James Arthur, ‘Losing You’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

‘Losing You’ by James Arthur – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ James Arthur is back and as powerful as ever with his new single, ‘Losing You’. The new track from the former X Factor contestant comes from his critically acclaimed new album, ‘It’ll All…

Charli XCX, ‘Baby’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

Emily HarrisMarch 10, 2022
Charli XCX, ‘Baby’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

‘Baby’ by Charli XCX – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ English singer-songwriter Charli XCX dazzles like a beaming star in the night sky on her latest single, ‘Baby’. The new single from the Cambridge-born singer comes from her fifth studio album, ‘Crash,’ which is…

Our passion for pop music is clear, and it is the reason why our team dedicate their entire days rummaging for the freshest new pop sounds. Luckily, it does not feel like a job, and it is why waking up early in the morning to find the latest music is so easy.

The great thing about pop music is that it is constantly changing, and the best new pop sounds are still to grace the airwaves. It is a scene that changes quickly, and new trends appear rapidly, overtaking today’s popular styles. We are on top of the movement, though, so be safe knowing that it is in the best hands.

Indie Music Reviews

Latest Indie Music Reviews

Gerry Cinnamon, ‘Ghost’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 26, 2021

Glasgow born indie rocker, Gerry Cinnamon can do little wrong with his quest to become the most prominent indie name becoming more ingrained with each new release. ‘Ghost’ which appeared in late 2020, pours with vitality from the outset. It…

Weezer, ‘All My Favorite Songs’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 22, 2021

Californian rockers, Weezer catapult out of new music Friday with their latest release ‘All My Favorite Songs’. The new track is the first to drop from the group’s upcoming album ‘OK Human’ which will arrive on January 29. The track…

Foo Fighters, ‘Waiting On A War’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 19, 2021

Foo Fighters are dropping new tracks as if it is going out of fashion. Well, one thing which is not going out of style is the Foos. Yet again, they grip with their infectious new rock release ‘Waiting On A…

Pale Waves, ‘Easy’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 18, 2021

Pop-rockers, Pale Waves get their 2021 underway with, ‘Easy’. It is a track which carries on from their successful 2020. The Manchester four-piece, have adopted an American sound here. So much so, they are unrecognisable to their earlier releases. Also,…

Lonely The Brave, ‘Keeper’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 14, 2021

British rock outfit, Lonely The Brave return with uproarious new release, ‘Keeper’. It is a track which smashes with a thunderous quality from the outset. Starting, vocalist Jack Bennet leaps out with conviction. His vocals hit home immediately. He proves…

London Grammar, ‘Lose Your Head’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 13, 2021

London Grammar kick off their 2021 with a fresh new release, ‘Lose Your Head’. The single carries on from another successful year in 2020. Yes, LG struggled to get out and perform, but they still made massive movements. Furthermore, their…

Passenger, ‘Sword From The Stone’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 12, 2021

Passenger unleashes yet another gem with his latest release, ‘Sword From The Stone’. It is a track which hits with piercing emotional quality from the outset. For anyone, who fell in love with Passenger’s 2012 classic, ‘Let Her Go’, this…

Foo Fighters, ‘No Son Of Mine’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 11, 2021

Foo Fighters smash down the GSGM office walls with their latest release, ‘No Son Of Mine’. Play this one loud! Kicking off as they mean to go on, the Foo’s take no prisoners with a sound which leaps out of…

Kings Of Leon, ‘The Bandit’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 8, 2021

Indie rock is back in full swing with Kings Of Leon releasing their standout new release, ‘The Bandit’. Nothing short of an anthem, ‘The Bandit’ picks up where the American rockers left off with their infectious approach to songwriting warming…

You Me At Six, ‘Adrenalin’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 6, 2021

British rockers, You Me At Six return with a fresh new track, ‘Adrenalin’. It does everything which it states, and the energy flows like a leaking tap. Furthermore, the group leap forward with thunderous force, and they unleash the power…

Sir Paul McCartney, ‘Find My Way’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisJanuary 5, 2021

Sir Paul McCartney can do little wrong. Yet again he delivers a gem here with ‘Find My Way’, and he proves that has an infallible approach to songwriting, Approaching 80 years of age, (mind-blowing especially given his youthful aura), Sir…

Good Charlotte, ‘Last December’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisDecember 23, 2020

US rockers, Good Charlotte, smash through rockdown with their latest release ‘Last December’. The first single from the group in two years. It kicks off with a slick guitar lead which has a delayed effect as if the engineer has…

Many of our journalists claim that indie music was their first love. As a result, we have team members who dedicate their time to review the latest indie releases, and we keep on top of the latest trends in the indie realms.

The great thing about indie music is that it regularly arrives with a unique edge. As a result, there is always something new to mention and write about. Also, we enjoy coming across new and distinct indie gems. Nevertheless, we generally write about tracks that have only recently been released or are to be released in the future. But, we have countless reviews in our archives showcasing some of the greatest indie tracks to grace our ears previously.

Rock Music Reviews

We are suckers for rock music! Since a young age, our team have been whipping out the air guitar and the passion we had for it as youngsters has never left!

Also, we are often the first to spot the latest rock trends.

Latest Rock Music Reviews

Fontaines DC, ‘I Love You’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

Emily HarrisFebruary 23, 2022
Fontaines DC, ‘I Love You’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

‘I Love You’ by Fontaines DC – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ Fontaines DC, the Irish band, thrill with their new song, ‘I Love You’. It is a track that continues the band’s post-punk odyssey and arrives with ominous quality! The new single is off…

Father John Misty, ‘Q4’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

Emily HarrisFebruary 15, 2022
Father John Misty, ‘Q4’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

‘Q4’ by Father John Misty – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ Singer-songwriter Father John Misty takes us on a fascinating voyage with his new single ‘Q4’ from his forthcoming album, ‘Chloë and the Next 20th Century’, which will be out in April. ‘Q4’ has a…

Liam Gallagher, ‘Everything’s Electric’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

Emily HarrisFebruary 7, 2022
Liam Gallagher, ‘Everything’s Electric’ – Single Review ★★★★☆

‘Everything’s Electric’ by Liam Gallagher – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ Liam Gallagher links up with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters for his latest single, ‘Everything’s Electric’. The new release, an instant earworm, is terrific and propels LG to new heights. Liam’s career…

Hip Hop Music Reviews

For anyone who relishes the freshest hip hop, GSGM is the outlet for every hip hop need. Furthermore, we publish hip hop reviews regularly, and we are always on top of what is hot.

As with all the other genres that we specialise in, we constantly search for the freshest new hip hop music. As a result, we do not focus on just one style; instead, our coverage is broad, and it covers all hip hop vibes.

RnB Music Reviews

We are RnB enthusiasts, and our team are passionate about many areas of the RnB space. As a result, our content reflects this with regular music reviews focusing on the best in RnB.

Our team listen to every submission, and we search using industry-standard methods to find the most exciting music. However, we are also looking out for new music; therefore, if there is an RnB track that deserves a listen from our team, be sure to submit it here.

Future Music Reviews

Often we write about upcoming releases which are to be released. As a result, we are regularly the first to review new music. We have close relations with some of the world’s major labels, and we often get offered exclusives; therefore, to keep on top of future music, be sure to keep GSGM at the forefront of searches.

We enjoy writing about future releases because often we get in before they take off. As a result, we are very much ahead of trends, and we have built up a strong intuition when working out the next biggest hit.


All of our music reviewers have journalistic backgrounds, and the content we provide reflects this. However, we do add personal flavour to each review to ensure we stand out at all times.

Industry-leading journalism is our focus at all times, and we constantly strive to go above and beyond with our content. We also have a quality assurance team that often examines our journalists’ content to ensure that we always meet the high-quality standards we all demand.


Our team keep a watchful eye on the worlds hottest single releases, and we rate tracks out of five. We dedicate many hours crafting the perfect review, and we have a team of journalists who specialise in reviewing the hottest singles which arise.

Every single review is unique and exclusive to GSGM, given that our journalists are not freelancers; therefore, each journalist dedicates their content to the GSGM platform.


We also specialise in album reviews, and we cast our expert ears on the latest albums to rise out of the industry. We have a team who scour for the best new albums and receive alerts when new albums are to be released.

Each album review is unique and an honest reflection of what grabs our ears. Also, we ensure that we add factual content to create a rounded experience.

Release Format

Generally, we concentrate on digital releases; however, we have a team that listens to the latest vinyl types and releases exclusive to the CD. Also, we do not shy away from new formats such as NFT’s and other modern methods of music discovery. Therefore, regardless of the release format, send it over to us for consideration.

The most popular type of releases are those delivered to streaming platforms. However, we are aware that everybody has a streaming preference. As a result, we ensure that there are many options available to listen to new music to cater for everybody’s needs.


We aim to stay ahead of new music; thus, we often write reviews of yet officially released tracks. Also, we have a strong network within the music industry and are regularly the first to hear about new releases. Also, our trusted contacts are aware that we always abide by embargo dates, and we do not share unofficial information.


Our team stick to deadlines, and we often work around the clock to ensure content arrives promptly. Also, we work with partners promptly and ensure that we are congruent with our timeframes. Similarly, our in house team set deadlines for every article to ensure that it remains current upon publishing.

Music Industry

Every member of GSGM comes from a background of working within the music industry. As a result, we believe that we have an added edge when writing about artists at all levels in the music business. Additionally, by working in the music industry for decades, we are aware of how the business works, and we use our expertise to create the best music outlet on the planet.

In terms of structure, we stick to music industry standards with our music reviews. As a result, we use an easy to use format which is not only insightful but also gratifying for all readers. Additionally, we are often looking for new ways to improve the structure to make the user experience even more spectacular and memorable.


Many call us forward-thinking innovators in our space, and we work endlessly to maintain this reputation. Our team are always looking forward and looking for new ways to innovate the music industry. Every morning, we have a meeting to discuss ways to be innovative, and we have had huge breakthroughs in our tenure.