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Muse, ‘The Dark Side’ – Single Review


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The English band’s eighth studio album, ‘Simulation Theory’, keeps digging into the idea that we’re headed to a universe absolutely controlled by technology, sometimes even now feeling a bit unreal. And quite frankly, we cannot blame them.

Following the release of ‘Drones’ (2015) and ‘The 2nd Law’ (2012), two albums that already questioned the truthfulness of the world we live in, master of melodies and intricate chord progressions Matthew Bellamy yet again cries of disbelief in album showing a varied range of styles that meet together to create a single unity.

Coming out on November 9th, the album has seen the release of four singles, with the latest one, ‘The Dark Side’, somehow taking us back to the band’s first albums’ sound.

The arpeggiated synth reigning in the background behind Bellamy’s vocals marries perfectly with the single’s new video, where Bellamy appears to drive endlessly through some kind of Tron-cum-Blade Runner version of the Divine Comedy’s nine circles of Hell.

“You’d be afraid if you could feel my pain / And if you could see the things I am able to see,” the lyrics say, as if Ridley Scott’s replicant Roy Batty himself was talking to us through Bellamy’s voice.

“Break me out, let me flee / Break me out, set me free,” screams the singer, as it desperately tries to leave behind the skull-faced monsters that he encounters behind the wheel of a futuristic sports car.

The latest single’s video is the sequel of the same of ‘Something Human’, where Bellamy’s motor jumps into hyper-space following encounters with drummer Dominic Howard and bass player Chris Wolstenholme.

On this track we find a more radio-friendly sound, with rhythm and drum patterns closer to an Ibiza beach club than to the darkness and “God chords” normally present on the band’s songs.

“Thought Contagion” and “Dig Down” are the other two singles released so far, with the latter bringing back that vocal-harmony heavy, Queen-esque side of the band seen in their more recent albums.


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