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Mumford & Sons Forced To Postpone Tour Dates Over “Ground-Breaking” Set Design

This week it was announced that Mumford & Sons would postpone major dates in their UK tour due to “unforeseen logistical and technical challenges” regarding their stage design. It has been 3 years since British folk-rock band released their last album “Wilder Minds”, and after the announcement of their follow-up album -Delta – back in September, the anticipation surrounding the bands tour has been rife.

The tour kicked off on Friday in Dublin where it has been reported that the band performed in the centre of the arena with the audience surrounding them. Described by the band as ‘ground-breaking’, it is a set-up that they have not previously used and has been their most ambitious tour stage design yet. With no issues reported from the performance by the fans, it has since become apparent as stated by the band in a statement on Twitter that due to production issues the band are forced to reschedule their upcoming dates in Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield.

“It is with a really heavy heart that we have been forced to postpone four shows on this UK tour due to unforeseen technical and logistical challenges. As you may know, the Delta Tour is by far the most ambitious show we’ve put together and we have had to free up some space in the schedule to be able to execute it, given some obstacles that have come up in production. As we also hope you know by now, we never postpone shows lightly, in fact it’s something we try to avoid at all costs – so this decision has been incredibly difficult to make but, in this case, we have no other choice. The truth is that it is simply not humanly possible to play these particular shows at this time and we are sorry the reality of that only truly landed after we completed Belfast yesterday. We are therefore rescheduling our Liverpool, Cardiff, Sheffield and Manchester shows to 2019 & will share information on the new dates very soon.”

Understandably, the statement from the band received outrage from disappointed fans who had paid for hotels and travel for the dates that can no longer be refunded. One claimed, “why can’t you just use a regular stage”. However, the band within their statement have made sure that all who were due to attend the dates are able to receive a full refund if they are unable to attend the new dates which still haven’t been released yet. Unfortunately for the fans, this doesn’t shake the disappointment felt from not being able to see them perform sooner and it certainly paints Mumford & Sons in a negative light after the excitement that built up around the bands return to the industry after a short hiatus. Hopefully the remaining dates of the tour can still continue to amaze the dedicated fans across the globe and when the dissatisfaction fades for those from the cancelled dates, they can look forward to what the band can offer in 2019.

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