Mumford and Sons, ‘Delta’ – Album Review

It seems like winter 2018 is the season for comeback music for the great musicians of way back, when music was about more than just booty shaking and unnecessary lyrics. We’ve heard exquisite artistry from music titans such as Little Mix and Rita Ora and now Mumford & Sons can join the list of great albums released for November/December.

The british band formed back in 2007 and have grown steadily in strength. They consist of Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane. Not only do they sound fantastic, their music is just as good live on stage which is a testament to how talented they really, truly are. Their new album Delta, is a healthy collection of 14 tracks filled to the brim with recognisable Mumford and Sons folky guitar tones and the soothing lead vocals from Marcus.

I’d recommend starting yourself off with ‘Guiding Light’. A piece that comes with a tasty black and white visual of the band performing at a music festival. As you continue working through the album, you finish with Delta- it may be six minutes long but it’s by far a song that will get you listening. With an accompanying music video, perhaps it’ll gently climb the music charts all the way to top 10 (although it may be a good idea to shave a few minutes off from the mid section in that case seeing as our current generation have a limited attention span).


At the end of the day, there is praise in the way the band stick to their type of music and haven’t chosen to adapt to what is being heard currently. I also recommend plugging into ’42’, ‘October Skies’ and ‘Woman’ when you are in need of a couple of driving songs to add to your country road trip playlist, they will not fail you.  

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