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Miles Kane says he won’t rule out a Last Shadow Puppets reunion

From The Rascals and The Last Shadow Puppets to multiple appearances with Arctic Monkeys across his career, Miles Kane certainly likes to get around – musically. Fresh off the back of the release of his 3rdsolo album ‘Coup De Grace’, the artist recently revealed that another Last Shadow Puppets reunion would never be off the cards. Of course, why would it ever be off the cards when you have two number one selling records in your bank?

Alex and Miles were always interested in making music together. We all are of course none too familiar with that infamous guitar riff in Arctic Monkeys fan-favourite, ‘505’, taken from their second album ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ which Miles likes to pop up and play every now and then. However, it is back in 2008 when The Last Shadow Puppets first graced the music scene as two best friends who made good music together. From here they released ‘The Age of The Understatement’ the first instalment of their two number one selling albums and went on to tour it across the UK. The pair then took a hiatus after the success of the first album and fans were left unsatisfied and unknowing of whether a sequel to the madness of tracks such as ‘Standing Next To Me’ and ‘Separate and Ever Deadly’ would ever be on the horizon. Yet after a surprise appearance from the two during an Arctic Monkeys performance at Finsbury Park in 2014, it seemed ever so obvious that the two were likely to be back in business one day. The band returned in 2016 with stellar album ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ which transported us from the indie-rock heavy guitar riffs and drum patterns from the album before to a time of hazy string-laden ballads. Despite heavy critique from many, the album still soared to claim the number one title once again. Following the album came a highly anticipated European, American and UK tour with appearances at Alexandra Palace and multiple festivals across all countries.

In an interview with Metro, Kane expressed upon review of the tour how the days were ‘fun’ and that bringing the band back once again isn’t just a pipe dream. ‘Bring them back? Who knows! Yeah, never say never.” Since the two started doing what seemed like everything together, Kane is none too familiar with being in Turner’s shadow. Stating that it was only ever going to be inevitable that he would get compared to Alex, Miles stated that once upon a time it did use to bother him but now knows his own worth claiming, ‘I’m amazing and I know I make good music’. And damn right he is.

Currently promoting his 3rdsolo album, ‘Coup De Grace’ which was released in August this year, Miles in about to embark on yet another UK tour. The album saw Miles collaborate with British laid-back hip-hop favourite, Jamie T, and American-sweetheart Lana Del Rey. The album comes after a break-up Miles had been dealing with over the past year and used Jamie T as an Agony Aunt to tell his feelings and emotions to. The two then wrote the songs across the album to which Lana brought the melodies too. ‘Jamie was there for us, it was one of them where you chat to your mates about shit and that’s what you do and we just put it into songs.’ The album’s single ‘Cry On My Guitar’ truly summed up the feel of the album. Although a beautiful, melodic track, it’s video starring WWE superstar Finn Balor taking up arms in a gruesome hand-to-hand battle is what makes us want to shed a tear. It’s clear to see that Miles underwent some hard-hitting emotions during this break-up. With all feelings aside, Kane is soon to be branching out on his tour of this album across the UK at the end of November. And whilst we all would love to see a Miles Kane vs Jamie T collaboration on the stage, Kane joked around saying there’s always a bunk on the tour bus for Jamie. Is an appearance at Brixton is on the horizon? Who knows.

But what we do know now is that for all us Puppets fans out there, never rule out hearing ‘The Meeting Place’ or ‘In My Room’ ever again. With Miles recently surprising fans in Paris by bringing Alex on stage and performing a rendition of ‘Standing Next To Me’ for them, it seems the two don’t really want to stop performing together. So for now, we will just have to wait and see.

You can listen to The Last Shadow Puppets across all streaming platforms including Spotify.


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