Michael Lukes, 'Here And Now' – New Music


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Michael Lukes, ‘Here And Now’ – New Music

Michael Lukes
Photo Credit: Michael Lukes
Words: | September 29, 2022
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Michael Lukes, the man behind the new single ‘Here And Now’ featuring Savine, is confirming his top class with a delivery that is comparable to some of the most potent indie-folk releases that have been made on the planet in recent times.

Michael’s direct approach to making music has resulted in the new release having a lot of feeling, and he doesn’t hold anything back. He captivates audiences with the natural vocal talent he was born with, and he steals the show in a setting that is packed with compelling works. Savine also contributes to the experience with her beautiful tones that fit the sentiment of the words, and the official music video captures the feeling in its totality.

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