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Matt Saxton, ‘Freedom’ – New Music

Matt Saxton
Photo Credit: Matt Saxton
Words: | May 19, 2023
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Matt Saxton’s latest single, ‘Freedom’, delivers a poignant message about the longing to break free from oneself, particularly in the face of depression. Out now, ‘Freedom’ takes listeners on a journey through an emotive landscape, skilfully combining downbeat themes with an uplifting liquid drum and bass rhythm and synth wave keyboards.

The track’s production quality shines through, thanks to the expert mixing and mastering by electronic music artist and producer Rogue VHS. Also, Matt’s multidimensional talent as an uplifting melancholic folk/rock/electronic singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is evident.

The track begins with a direct and electronic beat, gradually building with the addition of a piano arrangement that adds depth to the mix. Throughout the song, Saxton’s trademark style shines, supported by a solid bass riff that holds everything together. Also, the track encapsulates Saxton’s artistic growth and musical prowess and it is a testament to his ability to convey raw emotions through his songwriting and deliver a captivating performance.

With each release, Saxton continues to carve a distinctive path in the music industry, blending various genres seamlessly while leaving an indelible mark on listeners.

So, ready for ‘Freedom’? You can take a listen below.

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