Masked Intruder Are Back With New Song ‘Please Come Back To Me’

The Wisconsin based punk rock band Masked Intruder have returned with their latest single ‘Please Come Back To Me’.


Masked Intruder ‘Please Come Back To Me’ Video

With an infectious groove running through the song along with catchy chorus’s, the single subsequently comes across as more polished than previous tracks .

The single is on the bands album ‘III‘. This is due for a March 1st release on Pure Noise Records.

Furthermore, the band in this case known only by their ski-mask clad aliases  (Intruder Blue, Intruder Green, Intruder Red and Intruder Yellow), have teamed up with Roger Lima (Less Than Jake Bassist) to lead production.

The band, joined by Mike Kennerty (apparently he plays guitar in a band called The All American Rejects, you might have heard of them?) co produced the album.  

However, with two of the industry’s heavy hitters involved we have no doubt that this will be one of the albums to watch out for.


Intruder Blue talking of the songs ahead of ‘III’ :

“Our songs aren’t just about the feelings and situations that they describe, but they’re supposed to hopefully help other people think about and reflect about their own situations”.

Therefore, with catchy sing along songs sounding as anthemic as ‘Please Come Back To Me’ it is clear to see how easy it is for fans of the band to relate to these new songs. 


Overall Track Listing For Masked Intruders third album ‘III

No Case

Mine All Mine

All of My Love

Just So You Know

I’m Free (At Last)

Please Come Back To Me

B & E

Maybe Even

Not Fair

Stay With Me Tonight

Dream a Little Dream

I’ll Be Back Again Someday


The band’s album is now available for pre-order here.

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