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Did You Know? ☆ Mark Ronson

Music mogul Mark Ronson is not known for his singing ability. In fact people see him as a collaborator for famous faces such as Amy Winehouse and Miley Cyrus. His net worth grosses $20 million dollars (around 15 million British pounds).

Mark Ronson and his famous collaborations

Bruno Mars

Mark Ronson has been producing music since the 90’s but his most recognisable songs comes from the likes of many a famous face. On the list is Bruno Mars who got with the music mogul in 2012 to create reggae rock jam- ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ which received several accolades and sold 92,000 copies in its first week. Ronson then re-joined the Hawaiian superstar to birth the jazzy, shoulder shrugging song- Uptown Funk which was made famous by X Factors’ Fleur East when she performed the song a week before it’s UK release.

Amy Winehouse

Amy and Mark are probably one of the most notable duos to release singles together. Mark featured on Amy’s debut album Frank and later on came back in 2006 to help her out with her Back to Black album. You will recognise their artistry in the songs ‘Rehab’ and ‘Valerie’, a song originally sung by The Zutons.

Other artists Mark has collaborated with include Adele and Lily Allen.


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Mark could only go so far in his role as a music producer. After taking advice from one of his closest friends- Lady Gaga, he took music lessons and had a go at being front of stage instead of behind the scenes. Years later he joined her to write Shallow which Gaga champions in 2018 film A Star Is Born.

Age is but a number

Mark married Josephine De La Baume from 2011 till their divorce in 2017. He is now dating New Yorker Samantha Urbani who is 22 years her senior. This is his first girlfriend since his breakup.

From Music Mogul to Musician

Hopefully we continue to see a variety of awesome collaborations paired with some of Mark’s newly found vocals for the new year. Make sure you check out his latest collab with Miley here.

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