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M Pike, ‘Worthy’ – New Music

M Pike
📷 M Pike(No image mods)
Words: Colby Morrel | Published: March 1, 2021

M Pike is sending a shockwave across the modern pop realm with a rare sound in the current space. Furthermore, his latest release, ‘Worthy‘, takes a hint from various sources, but it sounds pure with an angle distinct from the get-go.

Vocally, M Pike is on top form with full delivery of rich tones and infectious hooks. Also, he leads the way with reliance, and he smashes through each note with agility. Likewise, the musical arrangement is stimulating, given that if often changes shape. It starts serene with a slow vibe, but it flips towards the latter with a rocky and more upbeat outro.

You can check out ‘Worthy‘ by M Pike below.

Colby Morrel

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