Lindsey Buckingham sues Fleetwood Mac after being fired from the band

Even if you are not a fan of Fleetwood Mac or you think you don’t know any of their songs, chances are that you have. The band rose to fame with classics such as “Go Your Own Way,” “Dreams” and “The Chain” made even more famous after being played in Guardians of the Galaxy and you can also hear it in Formula 1 racing adverts.

They have been around since the 60’s and been through the typical highs and lows any band would experience together. Stevie Nicks left for a successful solo career in the rock industry and now it seems Lindsey Buckingham has been fired from the band. He hasn’t left without a fight though as he has now started legal proceedings against them.

The potential reasons for Buckingham being fired have been stated as the ongoing disputes on their up and it also has been reported that Stevie told their manager Irving Azoff that she “never wants to be on a stage with him [Buckingham] again.” Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell and Crowded House frontman Neil Finn have joined the band.

Lindsey posted some final thoughts on the situation:

“In the month since MusiCares, I’ve tried to speak to both you and Stevie (Nicks), to no avail. I’ve only gotten radio silence this whole time. (I haven’t tried Chris [tine McVie] as I thought she might be feeling a bit fragile). I even emailed John (McVie), who responded that he couldn’t have contact with me… All of this breaks my heart. After forty-three years and (with) the finish line clearly in sight, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that for the five of us to splinter apart now would be doing the wrong thing. Wrong for the beautiful legacy we’ve built together. Wrong for our legions of loyal fans who would hate to see the final act be a breakup. Wrong for ourselves, and all that we’ve accomplished and shared together. If there is a way to work this through, I believe we must try. I love you all no matter what.”

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