Wed. Nov 25th, 2020
mercury apdovanojima laimejus grupei wolf alice lily allen puole i asaras baa

Lily Allen is not only known for her musical talent but also for her outspoken mind (whether people prefer to hear her opinion or not). At this years’ mercury awards, she rather changed everyone’s expectations on her rather outgoing self and instead broke down in tears after losing out the Wolf Alice for the Best Album award.

She later wrote on twitter to her fans claiming she was “robbed” of the award. “Someone call 999,” she tweets, “I’ve been robbed.” We have to get real for a moment. Of course, Lily Allen was quite the legend back in the noughties. However, the key word here is “was“. Ask anyone in today’s generation about her new music from her new album and chances are, they’ve not actually heard any of her songs. If they had heard of it, it’s difficult to remember any of it without having to hear the music being played itself.

She expected way too much which is probably why she got so upset. Being up against artists who have made successful music in the last five years such as The Arctic Monkeys, Florence and the Machine and Wolf Alice, who were also up for nomination, was a task in itself and she should have been grateful for at least being nominated.

She joked about the whole fiasco later, however, adding to her tweet “I adore wolfalice tho, and they are very deserved winners. Next time……… imma win that b***h.” Perhaps she was hoping to rise to the fame she once had but one thing’s for certain, she doesn’t need music to get into the headlines- a quick google of her name and not two days ago she caused up a stir after claiming she slept with a famous friend of her father at the age of 14, but that, is another story for another day.

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