Lewis Capaldi Finds New Celeb Mentor, Guess Who?

Lewis Capaldi who states he is the ‘Scottish Beyonce’ has found a new mentor to help him ride the fame rollercoaster.

The mentor, also a similar musician knows a thing or two about celeb life, can you guess who it is?

Lewis Capaldi

I will give you a clue; he is in love with the shape of you. Yes, you thought it, Capaldi is taking advice from pop legend, Ed Sheeran.

Speaking about the revelation, Lewis said “It was interesting speaking to him, and one of the first things he said to me was about fame. He was like, ‘Has it got weird yet ‘It’s a bit weird’. He was like, ‘Just remember, fame doesn’t change you – it changes everyone around you’.

Pretty strong words, Ed!

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