Lana Del Rey ‘I Wish I Were Dead’

Del Rey Announces New Track from fifth album

She hasn’t stopped at ‘Venice B*tch’ and ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’. Lana Del Rey will be releasing another new song from her upcoming fifth studio album Norman F*cking Rockwell this Wednesday. This track follows the sultry tale of the infamous ‘I wish I were dead’ interview and the 10 minute wild ride of ‘Venice B*tch’. The title alone sounds like a song from The 1975 or Fall Out Boy – ‘Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have — But I Have It’. The Instagram post announcing it has since been deleted. Various clips and snippets on the track are available online, thanks to Del Rey’s dedicated fanbase.

‘Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have — But I Have It.’ (or HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI) references the famous American poet and novelist, Sylvia Plath. Plath is a longstanding inspiration of Del Rey’s.  ‘Hope Is A’ appears to have been in the works for a while. Del Rey first discussed it at a show in San Diego in early 2018. It is as of yet not known if this track is the previously referenced Del Rey song ‘Sylvia Plath’.

Del Rey has also recently announced that she has finished working on a book of poetry. In a later deleted Instagram post, Del Rey referenced that she wrote the ‘short book’ over the last 13 months. She also stated her wish to release it ‘soon’.


Norman F*cking Rockwell will be release sometime in 2019. The album will include ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’, ‘Venice B*tch’ and ‘Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have — But I Have It’. ‘How To Disappear’, a track that made its debut last September, will likely make the track listing. Del Rey will be performing at this year’s Benicassim Festival, as well as a slew of currently unannounced shows. However, some upcoming shows are set to cancel, which shows affected are unknown.

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