Katy Perry 'Big Mistake' Turning Down Billie Eilish Collab


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Katy Perry ‘Big Mistake’ Turning Down Billie Eilish Collab

Words: | February 6, 2023
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Katy Perry has spoken about when she was given a chance to collaborate with Billie Eilish before the ‘Bad Guy’ star became famous.

She reflects on the past with regret after seeing how successful Eilish has become. Speaking about a record label contact, Perry said: “She sent me an email one time that was, ‘Hey check out this new artist, I’d really like us to work with her’… and it was a song called ‘Ocean Eyes’ and it was just a blonde girl, and I was like, ‘Meh, boring.”

Katy then said, “‘big’, ‘huge’ mistake”.

George Millington

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