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Kanye West Is Praised By Zane Lowe

Words: | June 21, 2021
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Zane Lowe, the legendary DJ and music specialist, has praised Kanye West, calling him “one of the greatest creatives of all time.”

Apple DJ Zane described Kanye as “inspiring” and that he always looks forward to interviewing him.

Speaking recently, Zane said: “At various times in our journey in life, he will decide there’s a conversation for us to have, and whenever he does, not only do I look forward to immensely, I also learn about my process.

“I always walk away from every conversation with Ye feeling inspired to work on what I’m working on in a deeper way. That’s why so many people respond to his creative process and the way the he creates.

“He’s one of the greatest creatives of all time, because he really does continually open the door of what’s possible for others.”

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