Kanye West shares official ‘Yandhi’ preview

Yeezy, teased us, with Yeezus 2.0.

Even tho, Weezy, pleased us, with his C5 show.

Kanye West has confirmed the release of his latest project ‘Yandhi’, a not so subtle twist on Gandhi, as September 29th. He has hinted to appearances from XXXTentaction and 6ix9ine on the album. Whilst Rihanna was reportedly laying down some last minute vocals.

From the snippet of music he has revealed in the run up to its release, it’s hard to say if this is going to be a sonic departure from ‘Ye’?

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There have been suggestions that this album may be a surprising follow up to the 2013 album ‘Yeezus’, due to Kanye’s tweet with the image of a clear Mini Disk, similar to the cover for ‘Yeezus’.  


Having had a frantic summer producing Pusha-T’s critically acclaimed ‘Daytona’, his own album ‘Ye’, ‘Kids See Ghost’ with former collaborator Kid Cudi, ‘Nasir’ with Nas and ‘K.T.S.E.’ for Teyana Taylor. It’s looking like another busy month for Ye, with more music is on its way. Following ‘Yandhi’, we should see at least two more projects. There is his long awaited collaboration with Chance the Rapper, titled ‘Good Ass Job’.

Whilst there’s slated to be a ‘Watch the Throne 2’ on the horizon. Although we still don’t know who else will be on the album, it’s safe to say it’s not going to be Jay Z or Drake.

I heard Wale, on the Joe Budden podcast say, that in order to produce a body of work, that is relevant in today’s industry and social climate, it needs to be completed in a month. That’s from inception to production. In that regards, Kanye’s recent burst of productivity would seem to be inline with this thinking, especially as they all had about 7 tracks.

However his music, specifically, ‘Ye’ and ‘Kids See Ghost’ and in a way I hate to say ‘Nasir’ had more of a disposable, fast food feel to it. Compare that to the long awaited Carter 5 from Lil Wayne, which has 23 tracks. It features XXXTentacion, Kendrick Lamar and his daughter Reginae Carter amongst others. Now I know that C5 has been in the pipeline for an eternity, due to the legal issues between himself and label boss Birdman. Yet I feel that it stands as a perfect counterbalance, the Ying to the Yang, of the fast and short vs long and slow dynamic. I know which one I prefer, but which will be the most successful has yet to be decided.

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