Kanye West Believes The Media Bullies Us

The global rap icon Kanye West believes the media bullies us.

This revelation comes after his recent interview with David Letterman.

Speaking to David, he said. ‘We’re pushed into it. We’re driven crazy. We forget who we even are. We’re driven to like a certain type of career that we’re suppose to be. We’re, like, completely bullied by the media, both celebrities and the masses, to think certain things and have group thought.’

Do you agree with this bold statement from the ‘Stronger’ rapper?

Kanye also spoke about his own mental health and said: “Oh yeah, damn right we’re going crazy. I’m the most famous person with [bipolar personality disorder] and I’ve only experienced it for two years. What about people that’s been experiencing this since they were two?”.

Moreover, if you are suffering from any mental health struggles, then do not feel alone. The samaritans are available 24/7 and you can call them on 116 123 if you would like to speak to someone.

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George Millington
George Millington is a central London based music news and music review writer.


  • Barbara K Smith

    I am a 50 year old woman raised 3 beautiful kids, I have had to work all my life. My life has not been easy. I wondered why I was different I was diagnosed as Bipolar, I have had 50 job’s in my last life that me People are so mean making fun, family don’t care and I recently lost my beautiful daughter Morgan Brown she would have been 21 this year she passed 3 years ago August 24, 2016. My life has not been the same, I have a 17 year old boy one more year he will graduate, but who cares I try so hard to be normal. My last job made fun of me saying Bipolar Transport and they felt like they were in a mental institute being next to me
    What, I could not handle the comments so I quit, I called my mental facility they were supposed to make a home visit I have seen anyone. Since January I have been crashing the doctor put me on zombie medication I am just waiting til I become homeless again. God when does my life get back the way it was I am so done. I hope someone can get people like me some help. Sincerely, So Very Tired

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