Julia Thomsen, 'Saranghae' – New Music


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Julia Thomsen, ‘Saranghae’ – New Music

Julia Thomsen
Photo Credit: Julia Thomsen.
Words: | April 4, 2023
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Can you feel the calming spring air? If you can’t, we highly recommend that you give Julia Thomsen’s ‘Saranghae’ a listen. The London-based composer manages to capture the calm that all too frequently escapes our notice because of the madness that takes up the majority of our days.

‘Saranghae’ opens with a soothing piano overture that was laid down in a beautiful way by Thomsen. A synthesiser suddenly makes an appearance, bringing an additional dash of feeling to the piece, and within a few seconds, we are off on an adventure. Majesty seeps out of the production like water from a tap, and Julia proves that she is a composer who has no cap on her creativity.

You can listen below.

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