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James Arthur Struggles To Play ‘Impossible’

Words: | May 30, 2023
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James Arthur, who gained widespread recognition after winning ‘The X Factor’ in 2013 and releasing his hit single ‘Impossible,’ has recently opened up about the challenges of repeatedly playing his most famous track. James Arthur, now 35 years old, acknowledged that unless he can find innovative ways to “evolve” the song, it can become a tedious task.

During an appearance on the UK TV show ‘Lorraine,’ hosted by Ranvir Singh, Arthur discussed the importance of keeping his performances fresh and engaging for his dedicated fan base. He recognized that many concertgoers still expect to hear “Impossible,” which propelled him to stardom. However, he emphasized the need to find new approaches to breathe new life into the song.

“A lot of the fans that come to the shows might wanna hear that song, so I think what keeps it interesting is just trying to evolve it or develop it in a way that’s different for me as well because otherwise it’s just torturous to play the same thing over and over again,” Arthur candidly revealed.

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