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Indie Music

Indie music is an area in which GSGM have a strong passion. It is flowing not only through our site but also through our veins. Our team has grown up surrounded by the finest indie bands. Also, the passion we have is as strong today as the day we bought our first vinyl.

Luckily for avid indie lovers, finding the finest new music and indie music news has never been more straightforward. As a result, we cater for all your music needs, and you will never go a day without discovering the freshest squeezed gems. Also, what makes it even better is that we provide you with the finest content without you having to pay for a subscription, great right?

Latest Indie Music News

Yungblud Is Taking A ‘Week Offline’ To Focus On Music

George MillingtonApril 1, 2021
Yungblud Is Taking A ‘Week Offline’ To Focus On Music

‘Hope For The Underrated Youth’ singer, Yungblud has revealed that he is taking a week away from online activities to concentrate on finishing his new music. Writing on Instagram, Yungblud said, “I love you family. takin a week offline to…

Glastonbury Festival To Make A 2021 Comeback?

George MillingtonMarch 31, 2021
Glastonbury Festival To Make A 2021 Comeback?

Okay, before you get too excited, Glastonbury itself will sadly not be going ahead this year. But, music reveller, do not let that dampen your festival spirits too much because Glasto may be coming back this year with a new…

Years And Years Are Now An Olly Alexander Solo Project

George MillingtonMarch 19, 2021
Years And Years Are Now An Olly Alexander Solo Project

Olly Alexander is the only remaining member of Years And Years, with fellow members Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkmen taking a step back from the pop group. All members are still friends and are to remain closely connected, but it…

So, what styles do we cover here at GSGM? We cover all areas of indie music. Therefore, be it indie pop, indie folk, indie rock, we have it covered! Also, we like to hear all kinds of sounds from the indie realms; therefore, we do not stick to just one vibe within our content. As a result, you can be safe knowing that you will find a mixed bag of tunes here.

Indie Style

Does indie music just cover bands who play with guitars and have cool hairstyles? Nope, it comes with a broad musical style, and there are many bands and groups which fall into the indie category while also sounding very distinct and dissimilar to their peers in the same space. Also, it is a forever changing scene with new sounds emerging regularly.

For indie lovers, there is no better feeling than coming across a new indie treasure. Indie fans crave; they constantly look for the freshest new group, which is where we come into the equation. We feed the best indie to admires. As a result, there is never a day that goes by without the opportunity to discover the next big thing here on GSGM.

Latest Indie Music Reviews

Twenty One Pilots, ‘Shy Away’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisApril 9, 2021
Twenty One Pilots, ‘Shy Away’ – Single Review

Twenty One Pilots get the fists pumping with their new release, ‘Shy Away’. Instantly energetic and full of captivating hooks, this is likely to become another big hit for the American music duo. A synth and drum beat open the…

Amy Shark, ‘Baby Steps’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisMarch 25, 2021
Amy Shark, ‘Baby Steps’ – Single Review

Australian, indie-pop songstress Amy Shark proves her infallible approach to music once again with her mesmerising new single ‘Baby Steps’. Contagiously catchy from the get-go, Amy cements her name even deeper into the 2021 songbook with a vocal delivery that…

Lana Del Rey, ‘White Dress’ – Single Review

Emily HarrisMarch 19, 2021
Lana Del Rey, ‘White Dress’ – Single Review

‘White Dress’ is the latest release from Lana Del Rey, and just as you would expect, it is pretty damn good! We hear Lana Del Rey’s more tender side with this new delivery. Furthermore, a classical style piano arrangement opens…

So, what is it that attracts us to new indie release? Our love for guitar riffs, the punch of an indie vocal, and the rhythms’ power that flow through the indie genre. It is what pulls is in time and time again, and we are always craving the freshest edgy sounds.

Also, our excitement for indie music never grows old. Furthermore, we are still the giddy music lovers who get a buzz when we come across the best new group. We also get an even more considerable feeling when we come across a hit that is still on the radar.

Many indie releases go unnoticed, and we believe that the best indie sounds are yet to grace the airwaves. As a result, we dedicate our team to searching for the fittest material, and we feed your hungry ears with our best finds.

Luckily, the world is vast, and new indie groups and artists are emerging every day. Therefore, there are plenty of music picks and choices when discovering the best new indie which hits home!

Indie Music Submissions

We are always looking for the best new indie; therefore, if you have a track that you believe we need to hear, please feel free to send it over to us by clicking here. Also, do not shy away from sending us a track if you believe it may not be suitable; we do appreciate all types of indie music. Nevertheless, we do have a screening process, and our team carefully listen to each new release before creating any content.

We welcome submissions from artists, labels and pr consultants. Also, we are happy to receive tips from anyone who has found something which is remarkable. After all, word of mouth keeps the industry going around, and we encourage it at all times here at GSGM.

Future Indie

We are excited about the future of indie music. As a result, we spend a lot of time working out upcoming trends, and we pay close attention to what music consumers are enjoying the most. Our team also regularly check in with the most exciting artists in the indie game to work out what they have up their sleeves.

Popular Artists

We often write about the most popular indie musicians and keep in tune with updates from the indie game’s top. You can check out the most popular alternative indie music artists on YouGov here.

The most famous artists tend to be consistent and generally stay popular for long periods. However, we do not only write about artists solely on their fame; we listen to all music in the same way, whether it be a new artist or a musician who is long in the tooth with a backlog of hits.

Therefore, if there is an indie gem that we need to hear, send it straight to our team by clicking here.

The Best Indie

We are aware that many indie fans relish indie from previous decades. Therefore, we occasionally write about some of the best indie tracks to have graced the planet previously.