Hank Quillen, 'Treading Water' – New Music


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Hank Quillen, ‘Treading Water’ – New Music

Hank Quillen
Photo credit: Hank Quillen
Words: | July 14, 2022
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Hank Quillen is charging full speed ahead with his brand new single, ‘Treading Water’. It is a release that has engulfed us ever since it arrived here, and the raw energy that Hank exudes is impossible to ignore.

‘Treading Water’ is a gritty one that brings prevalence close to home. Hank’s singing is compelling, and the music sticks in the mind immediately. Although guitars play a significant part in the release, a wide variety of other instruments and sounds also appear for added flavour.

Check it out below.

For more information visit: https://hank-quillen.com/

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