Half•Alive Are Bringing Dance Routines And HUGE Bangers To London

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Half•Alive, ‘Still Feel’ – Single Review

Modern indie trio half•alive dropped the incredible ‘still feel.’ last summer. It made huge waves in the United States as well as hitting the U.K hard at their debut London show.

‘still feel’ is a special track. It’s one that’s infectious from the beginning, with unpredictability and a clashing range of sounds being its selling point. I know I like to call every song a ‘sad banger’, but it fits the bill. Everyone knows what it’s like to suffer, at the very least, a spout of poor mental health. ‘still feel.’ brings a slick sense of empowerment to feeling like absolute crap. When you’re at the lowest of your lows, sometimes it can be helpful to remember the simple fact that you still feel alive. Turning bad times into massive bangers is definitely what half•alive should continue to do. Their colourful and vivid lyrics combined with shimmering keys, wild horns and the massive chant of “I still feel live” give this song huge life.

It’s incredibly powerful to see young men talking about this when so many men suffer in silence.

half•alive dance skills

We’d be amiss not to mention the boss video. Josh Taylor, vocals, drew on his film school background to self-direct and choreograph this bizarre video. In one take, half•alive (Josh Taylor, vocals, Brett Kramer, drums, and J Tyler Johnson, bass) perform an incredibly smooth dance, complete with a few vintage costume changes and lighting changes. They’re giving Beyonce a run for her ‘Single Ladies’ money here, it’s boss. Once again, great to see three men really going for it artistically on a set that looks like it was borrowed from the ‘Bad Romance’ video.

half•alive have already built themselves a dedicated fanbase. It’s easy to see, with the video for ‘still feel.’ organically amassing over 10 million views within two months. We’re eagerly awaiting what comes next, and it better come with a dance routine.

half•alive just wrapped their sold out first-ever headline tour across Europe.

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Watch the video for ‘still feel.’ below.


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