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HAIM By Kim Metso
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HAIM And Taylor Swift ‘Gasoline’ SPOTIFY Problem. Fixed.

Many music fans have been heading over to Spotify to listen to HAIM and Taylor Swift’s new remix of ‘Gasoline‘. However, much to their dismay, they could not find it.

Luckily, we have found it!

But many people have noticed that there is another version which is now unavailable in the official Spotify new music playlist. There are many potential explanations, but we are unsure of the definite reason.

Possible Reasons

1) The label changed the release, and Spotify’s official playlist may have already picked up the previous submission.

2) There was an error with the Spotify upload, again not very likely given that this rarely happens, and it is doubtful it would happen right at the top of the game.

Do not worry, though; you can listen to the available version below.

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